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Introduction to Mendeley Reference Manager

Install Mendeley Reference Manager

Here are the steps to install Mendeley Reference Manager:

  1. Sign up for Mendeley at, you will need to create a free account before you use the software. You may use your NTU email address if preferred.
  2. Install Mendeley Reference Manager from . There are downloads available for Mac as well.
  3. Install the web importer. This tool is useful for managing reference-type websites.

Enable Mendeley Cite

In order to insert citations in your academic writing in Microsoft Word using Mendeley Reference Manager, you need to enable the Mendeley Cite Add In. Please follow the instructions below if your Microsoft Word is from NTU's Office subscription.


NTU Students

NTU Students may submit a request via the Service Request Form with their Name and NTU email address to CITS.


NTU Staff

NTU Staff may submit a Software Request form through ServiceNow via the Ask IT form. (ServiceNow > Report an Issue > Ask IT)

Launching Mendeley Reference Manager

Once you have installed Mendeley, you can launch the program. It will first ask you to sign in with your Mendeley account. If you have not done so, you can register for a Mendeley account for free with your NTU email address.


Once you have signed in, if you have an empty Library, you will be brought to Mendeley Reference Manager's home page.

mrm home