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ACG Series: Citations

In this Academic Communication Guide, learn about the basics of citations and some common citation styles and tools.

End-of-Module Exercise

Answer all of the following questions  

1. Which of the following are descriptions of incorrect citation (and therefore, plagiarism)? 

a. When I mention the author’s name in the document  

b. When I include a link to the source at the end of my document 

c. When I use a citation system consistently in my document  


2. Which of the following best describes correct citation?  

a. Include the name, date and weblink of the source. 

b. Include the name of the author and date of publication in my document. 

c. Provide the reader with some brief information about the source at the point where I use the idea or words of someone else and include the complete information about the source at the bottom of the page/end of assignment.  


3. Which of the following is true?  

a. APA is the most widely used citation system in the world and is therefore acceptable for all assignments. 

b. Different assignments, schools and lecturers may require different citation systems so I should always check before starting my assignment. 

c. I can use any citation system I want if I am consistent.  

d. Citation styles are too cumbersome. I just need to add the URLS to the online information in my essay.  


4. Choose all options that answer this question:  

Fully acknowledging other writers’ or content creators’ work means including details about:  

a. Their full names 

b. Where the work was published (e.g., journal, country, website)  

c. When the work was published  

d. Title of the work 


5. Which of the following types of information require a citation? 

a. Common sense observations 

b. Interviews and conversations 

c. Generally accepted facts 

d. The findings of other scholars 

e. Diagrams you find online 

f. Folklore 

g. Your own personal experiences 

h. Twitter and TikTok posts 

i. Myths 

j. Historical events 

k. Your unpublished experiment results  

l. A photo you took 


6. When you create an APA in-text citation or an IEEE (numbered citation) in what instances do you need to include the page number of the source you are citing? 

a. Every time you cite something  

b. Only when you are directly quoting from a source 

c. Only when you a paraphrasing or summarising idea from a source 


7. Which of the following statements are true? 

a. We use author prominent citations to enhance the narrative flow of a paper 

b. Information prominent citations often include several sources 

c. Author prominent citations emphasize the author of the source and the credibility of the information. 

d. IEEE and APA citation systems define a long quotation the same way  


8. IEEE and APA citation systems define a long quotation the same way.  

True / False 


9. When you are creating references for your reference list the format is always the same 

True / False 


Answers to the questions are on the 'Answers' tab.