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Guide to 3MT

This is a guide to assist students who are preparing to compete in the 3MT competitions.


Welcome to the 3MT LibGuide!

This guide aims to provide NTU 3MT participants tips and strategies to begin thinking about the narrative of their research and to start crafting a story in a format that is appropriate for 3MT competition.

This LibGuide contains an introduction to 3MT in NTU, for best practices for writing and presentation tips, click Crafting your narrative, How to present and How to record. You will find more resources on 3MT under Additional resources tab.

Click Past Presentations to view past 3MT award winning presentations and Workshops to sign up for a 3MT workshop.

Background about 3MT

The Three Minutes Thesis is an academic competition developed by the University of Queensland in 2018. This competition prepares students to acquire and sharpened their academic, presentation and research communication skills. 

This competition challenges students to deliver their research in a clear and engaging manner to a non-specialist audience within three minutes using one presentation slide.