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Guide to 3MT

This is a guide to assist students who are preparing to compete in the 3MT competitions.

Past Award-Winning 3MT Presentations

Watching previous years' 3MT videos can be an excellent way to prepare. You can get a better understanding of what makes a successful 3MT presentation and see how techniques have been applied for effective research communication.

More 3MT presentation videos below. They are categorised according to the participants' schools. 

2023 UQ 3MT Runner-up Elcin Tuzel Child abuse and suicidal thoughts in children
2023 UQ 3MT Finalist Unaisi Narawa Indigenous Identity in Fiji: Na Vanua, Na Lawa, Na Kawa Ni Bobula
2022 UQ 3MT Finalist Aarushi Dhingra Body Mass Index: Where to draw the line?
2022 UQ 3MT Finalist Loren Nicholls Trash to Treasure: Applying circular economy principles to mining
2021 UQ 3MT Finalist Li Xie Carson Fake it to make it: Exploring virtual influencers in tourism
2020 UQ 3MT Finalist Sabrina Lenzen Be active, prevent dementia!
2019 UQ 3MT Finalist Jocelyn Bosse Fruitful Partnerships: Science, Law and the Kakadu Plum
2019 UQ 3MT Finalist Kieu My (Michelle) Tran Silver Tsunami! Are we ready?
2019 UQ 3MT Finalist Andrea Shaw Good intentions are not enough
2018 UQ 3MT Finalist Jocelyn Bosse Fruitful partnerships: science, law, and the Kakadu plum
2017 UQ 3MT Finalist Ashley Ding This forecast is actually accurate!
2017 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Paul McGorrery Prosecuting Psychological harms
2017 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Miriam Seifert Anti-consumption as a Driver to Achieve a Competitive Advantage in Firms..
2016 UQ 3MT Finalist Sam Boyle Capacity and treatment refusal: The case of Anorexia Nervosa?
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Katrina Hogan Promoting ethical international business activity...
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Gregory Mowle What can Charles Dickens teach us about financial literacy?
2015 UQ 3MT Winner Teegan Green Trust Me, I'm a (Tele) Doctor
2015 UQ 3MT Finalist Liam Pomfret Sharing and Privacy Online
2014 UQ 3MT Finalist Cameron Murray We might all be corrupt
2013 UQ 3MT Finalist Emil Juvan Comfortable vacation, uncomfortable mind
2023 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Emily Cooper The best mattress is a zinc mattress
2023 UQ 3MT Winner Emily Cooper The best mattress is a zinc mattress
2022 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Philippe Vachon Lab-on-a-Chip? Sounds Amazing!
2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Winner Matthew Shaw Lunacy
2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT People's Choice Usman Bin Shahid Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis
2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Roxanne Hawi Smart phones as the sole devices for study - not as silly as it sounds?
2020 UQ 3MT Finalist Aaron Snoswell Teaching robots by showing, not by programming
2020 Asia-Pacific 3MT Winner Luo Yifei Listening in on Plants through a Conductive Liquid Glue
2020 Asia-Pacific 3MT People's Choice Stefania Peracchi Moon to Mars and beyond
2020 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Jessica Bolin Are you ready for this jelly?
2020 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Megan Burfoot The classroom is listening
2019 UQ 3MT Finalist Charmaine Lamiel Ice cold seawater, anyone?
2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT Winner Jessica Bohorquez Guardians of the Pipelines
2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Neng Zhang Vibrations can be a killer!
2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Peter Jean-Paul Energy Saving Devices: On the road to generating savings and profits
2018 UQ 3MT Finalist Jagadeeshkumar Kulandaivelu Two for the price of one!
2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Pui Yan Hung "Bumpers" on Aircraft
2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Ben McAllister Shining a light on dark matter
2018 Asia Pacific 3MT Winner & People's Choice Yasmin Mustapha Kamil Dengue Detective
2017 UQ 3MT Winner Edwin Davis gone with the wind
2017 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Hans Philipp Sueltrop It's not coffee science
2016 UQ 3MT Finalist Katie Macintosh Waste is Power
2015 UQ 3MT Runner-up & People's Choice Shaun Chen Aiding International Students in Engineering
2015 Trans-Tasman Runner-Up & People's Choice Jaysuman Bin Pusppanathan Tomography for liquid-Gas Imaging
2014 UQ 3MT Finalist Tyson Phillips Is it where I think it is? - An automation conundrum
2013 UQ 3MT Finalist Anthony Kung Train tracks and Pictionary: managing environmental conflicts
2022 UQ 3MT Finalist Naomi Ferstera Leaving a legacy
2021 UQ 3MT Runner-up Genevieve Vuong TeleCHAT with Aphasia
2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Amy Kirkegaard An apple a day brings quality into play
2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Chad Han Stay at home: Breaking the vicious cycle of hospital readmissions
2020 UQ 3MT Winner Emma Schimke To sleep or not to sleep?
2019 UQ 3MT People's Choice Gianni Ribeiro From trial and error to trials with error
2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Clare Ladyman Is sleep the 'black box' to perinatal depression?
2018 UQ 3MT Finalist Natalie Vear Preventing 'heart ache' for breast cancer survivors
2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT Runner-up Selene Petit Can the brain speak when the mouth can't?
2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Chelsea Mauch Mobile apps for supporting healthy family needs
2017 UQ 3MT Finalist Shari O'Brien Learning to improve foot control in Cerebral Palsy
2017 UQ 3MT Finalist Melissa Brinums When do children practise for the future?
2017 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Becky White Milk Man: A Breastfeeding App for Dads?
2016 UQ 3MT Finalist Grace Branjerdporn I knew I loved you before I met you: Mothering the unborn
2015 UQ 3MT Finalist Rohan Kapitany Human Culture and the Paradox of the Absurd
2015 Trans-Tasman 3MT Finalist Holly Rominov Exploring the link between fathers' postnatal distress and later child problems
2014 UQ Runner-up Sachin Thakur Saving your sight with the power of sound
2013 UQ 3MT Finalist Adam Culvenor Young people with old knees
2010 UQ 3MT Winner & People's Choice Tina Wu Calcium channels as therapeutic targets for cancer
2023 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Wan Noor Farah Wan Shamsuddin Implementing virtual reality task-based language teaching in a Malaysian technical university to reduce interview anxiety and improve interview performance
2023 UQ 3MT Finalist Aaron Teo Being ‘Asian’ in Australia - Some questions
2022 UQ 3MT Finalist Dure Sameen Jabran First Nations Sleep Coaches to help young people in community
2021 UQ 3MT Finalist Narayan Panthi Challenging Behaviour of Children and Early Childhood Educator
2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Sarah Mokrzycki The importance and benefits of family diversity in Australian picture books
2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Nik Nur Ainin Soffiya Binti Nik Mat Conversations about female circumcision
2020 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Kylie Sturgess Teaching Radio with Edu-Taining Storytelling Podcasts
2019 UQ 3MT Runner-up Yael Leibovitch Talking our way to better writing
2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT People's Choice Gillian Smith Reconstructing the Experience of the Ancient Egyptian Temple of Karnak
2018 UQ 3MT Finalist Michael Jennings To C, or not to C
2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Sarah Mokrzycki The importance of family diversity in Australian picture books
2017 UQ 3MT Finalist Michael Jennings To C, or not to C
2016 UQ 3MT Finalist Shamara Ransirini Dangerous Women
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT Runner-Up Nathaniel Swain Teenage crime. Making sense of it
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT People's Choice Ika Lestari Damayanti From Storytelling to Story Writing: A Learning Journey of English Language Learners in Indonesia
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Susan Chapman Arts Immersion: An exciting way forward in education
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Sijia Chen Note-taking: what can we learn from interpreters?
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Kate Riegle Van West Poi for Your Health: A Spin on Ageing
2015 UQ 3MT Finalist Michael Jennings Issues in the transition from secondary to tertiary mathematics: student and teacher perspectives
2015 Trans-Tasman 3MT Finalist Glory Gatwiri Through their eyes: Kenyan women's stories of living with Vaginal Fistulas
2014 UQ 3MT Finalist Guangli Li Learning through word association
2013 UQ 3MT Winner Michael Thai Ocker or Oriental? Asian Australians and the Denial of National Identity
2013 UQ 3MT Finalist Haiyan Liang Acquisition of Polysemous Shang (Up) in Chinese as a Foreign Language
2012 UQ 3MT Runner-Up Wen Wu On discriminating people: Visual expertise in categorisation
2010 UQ 3MT Runner-up Will Harrison Look here and pay attention
2023 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Kade Huckstep Rodents Raving Towards Recovery: exploring an exciting new way to break the vivious cycle of PTSD and Alcohol Use
2023 UQ 3MT Finalist Amjad Almuqrin Arresting Dental Caries in Children: From Black to White
2023 UQ 3MT Finalist Isabelle McGrath Clues into Endometriosis
2023 UQ 3MT Finalist Jade Kubler The journey from seed to tree
2022 UQ 3MT Winner Yunan Ye The big bang – how it all started
2022 UQ 3MT Runner-up Drew Cylinder What worms can teach us about general anaesthesia
2022 Asia-Pacific 3MT Runner-up Amanda Khamis I-Eat, you eat, but can we all eat? Feeding therapy for babies with cerebral palsy and dysphagia
2022 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Dmitrii Shek Deciphering the biomarkers of cancer immunotherapy
2022 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Rana Sawires Snotty with a Chance of Influenza
2022 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Joshua Robinson Helping babies breathe: improving lung health in babies of asthmatic mothers
2021 UQ 3MT Winner Rosie Stoke Blowing Balloons for Small Babies
2021 UQ 3MT People's Choice Samuel Brookfield Giving up on Willpower: Using Ethnography to Change the Debate on Methamphetamine Addiction
2020 UQ 3MT Runner-up Hollier O’Neill Racing to Improve Heart Transplants
2020 UQ 3MT People's Choice Amanda Bordin A breath of fresh air: improving tests for bacteria in cystic fibrosis
2020 UQ 3MT Finalist Zorana Lynton Making Up for Burnt Bridges
2019 UQ 3MT Winner Cody Frear Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Paediatric Burns: No-No or Noo-Noo?
2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT Runner-up Lithin Louis Mysteries of a Beating Heart
2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Cody Frear Out with the old, in with the Noo-noo
2018 UQ 3MT People's Choice Saurabh Bandhavkar Neural stem cells and the pursuit of happiness
2018 UQ 3MT Finalist Xiaoqing (Alice) Zhou Exercise for an agile mind
2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Nicole Free Restoring Voice With Therapy: Can A Larynx Change Its Spots?
2017 UQ 3MT Finalist Joana Revez From an asthma risk gene to breathing a sigh of relief
2017 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Heidi Walkden Does breathing kill?
2016 UQ 3MT Winner & People's Choice Anna-Liisa Sutt Dying to Talk
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT Winner Joshua Chu-Tan Targeting the Root of Vision Loss
2015 UQ 3MT Finalist Lisa Yamada Mixed messages: a growing problem
2015 Trans-Tasman 3MT Winner Eamonn Fahy Catching the Silent Thief of Sight
2015 Trans-Tasman 3MT Finalist Jenny McDowell Indentifying missing persons: getting answers from our bones
2014 UQ 3MT Winner Megan Rossi A gut feeling about kidney disease
2023 Asia-Pacific 3MT Winner & People's Choice Agnes Ruramai Mukurumbira Investigation of essential oils as antimicrobials for application in food packaging
2023 Asia-Pacific 3MT Runner-up Rebecca Connor The effects of management on the welfare and behaviour of captive kiwi
2023 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Caitlin Hyde Grubs Up: Insects as Food in Aotearoa, New Zealand
2023 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Cam Hoffbeck The tuatara microbiome: environmental influences and conservation implications
2023 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Henry Hoult Mt. Taranaki has a plumbling problem
2023 UQ 3MT Finalist Shannon Jewell The Grey Wolf of Parkinson’s Disease
2022 UQ 3MT People's Choice Summa Bibby Spot the Difference: Virus Edition
2022 Asia-Pacific 3MT Winner Trevyn Toone Restoration and Recovery of Green-lipped Mussels
2022 Asia-Pacific 3MT People's Choice Ryan Hickmott Build-A-Brain Workshop: Towards a Golden Era of Neuroscience
2022 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Lucy Hughes 'Molecular Band-aids' to treat fatal lysosomal storage disorders
2022 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Merryn Baker Breath Analysis for Early Disease Detection
2021 UQ 3MT Finalist Angelique Asselin Welcome to Wolbachia UniVIRUSity
2021 UQ 3MT Finalist Casey Huang How to stop a serial killer: Legionella in plumbing systems
2021 UQ 3MT Finalist Jessica von Pein Superbugs vs Superhumans: Zinc Attack!
2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Runner-up Tharika Liyanage Adopting an orphan biomarker
2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Sharmelee Selvaraji Remember me?
2020 UQ 3MT Finalist Oliver Bellwood The “8 minutes abs” of material physics
2020 Asia-Pacific 3MT Runner-up Anna Frouws Seagrasses, the Avengers of the sea: a story of diversity and resilience
2020 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Rocco Cavaleri Rapid brain mapping: From hours to minutes
2020 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Theresa Pankhurst Nasal spray vaccines to arrest viruses as they invade the lung
2019 UQ 3MT Finalist Gabrielle Lebbink Less lawn, more grass
2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Michelle Demers Know Your Enemy
2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Beatrice Chiew SAR wars: A journey through Chemical Space
2019 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Alexis Ceecee Zhang An unnerving problem: a fishy solution
2018 UQ 3MT Winner Micha Jackson Maintaining the magic of migration
2018 UQ 3MT Runner-up Samantha Nixon Fight creepy with crawly
2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Hong Huat Hoh The invading armies of pancreatic cancer
2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Mei Li Khong Too Many P-s Spoil the Protein
2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Micha Jackson Maintaining the Magic of Migration
2017 UQ 3MT Runner-up & People's Choice Chris McMillan Clamping down on the flavours of Flu
2017 UQ 3MT Finalist Anahita Mizani Size does matter!
2017 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Alice Russo A Novel Solution to a Warty Problem...
2017 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Jennifer Soundy Aptabiotics: fighting resistant bacteria with nanosilver
2017 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Jemma Seyfang Selecting the right pig for the job
2017 Asia Pacific 3MT Winner & People's Choice Ashwin Charles Benedict Catalyzing Change: Light at the End of the Tunnel
2017 Asia Pacific 3MT Runner-up Alyssa Budd Let’s talk about sex change
2016 UQ 3MT Runner-up Thisun Piyasena Taming the chimera (Wildcard entry)
2016 UQ 3MT Finalist Crystal Concepcion Rice, maps and markers: A treasure hunt
2016 UQ 3MT Finalist Ghanendra Gartaula Is wheat porridge possible?
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Thisun Piyasena Taming the Chimera
2016 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist Satoshi Tomano The King of Squid
2015 UQ 3MT Finalist Alyce Swinbourne Eat roots, shoots and wees
2015 UQ 3MT Finalist Cecile Richard How to produce more with less water
2015 Trans-Tasman 3MT Finalist Andrew Farrer Ancient DNA and the life on us
2015 Trans-Tasman 3MT Finalist Robert Michael One quick trick to convict?
2015 Trans-Tasman 3MT Finalist Raymond Onyekachi Beauty without the beast; search for berylium's partner
2015 Trans-Tasman 3MT Finalist Marcus Giacci Investigating damage to myelin stem cells following neurotrauma
2015 Trans-Tasman 3MT Finalist Jennifer Owens When a little pee is a big problem; Nitrous oxide from irrigated dairy pastures in New Zealand
2014 UQ 3MT People's Choice Honglei Zhai More cereal in your diet-Less fat in your body
2014 UQ 3MT Finalist Ashleigh Shannon The dengue virus protease as a drug target
2014 UQ 3MT Finalist Barbara Maier Disease in a dish
2013 UQ 3MT Runner-up & People's Choice Timothy Brennan A fuel of the future
2013 UQ 3MT Finalist Sarah Sweet Rags to riches, or silver spoons? A story of galaxy fortunes.
2013 UQ 3MT Finalist Karishma Mody Single 'n Hot - The new nanovaccine
2012 UQ 3MT Winner Amanda Pearce Prostate cancer - "Probing" for a solution
2012 UQ 3MT People's Choice Wilko Duprez Making drugs, not war: the hippie medication