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Guide to 3MT

This is a guide to assist students who are preparing to compete in the 3MT competitions.

Engaging your audience

Eye contact - Look into the camera when you are recording. It will appear like you are making eye contact with the audiences when they view your video. This will result in a more engaging video.

Pace yourself -  Avoid speaking too quickly/slow and pause when needed.

Practice, practice, practice! - Remember to practice your speech before the actual session so that you  can speak clearly and  with confidence.

Time yourself - Keep track and record the duration of each portion of your speech.

Familiarise yourself  with the technology used.

Lastly, try a few takes when recording to test lighting, sound, focus, etc.

3MT slide

Before you begin preparing your slide, here are some recommendations on how to prepare your 3MT slides:

  • Large legible fonts 
  • Simple and uncluttered images
  • Should serve as a backdrop
  • Try not to read your slide
  • Slide must be static. No animations/transitions.