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ORCID @ NTU: Optimize your ORCID record

Open Researcher and Contributor ID

Add your personal Information to your ORCID record

You can add your personal and professional information in your ORCID record. It can help to raise your visibility.

To do it, sign in to your ORCID record using your ORCID iD or any email address associated with your ORCID record.

You can add the following personal information to your ORCID record:


Supported work types

You can add different types of works to your ORCID record-  Book, book chapter, book-review, journal-article, magazine article, newsletter-article, newspaper-article, supervised-student-publication, working-paper, conference-abstract, conference-paper, conference-poster, patent, lecture-speech etc

See the details here.

When adding works manually, you must first select the work category, then the work type and fill in the metadata for the work.


Granting Permissions

Trusted organizations are those to which you have granted permission to interact with your ORCID iD and record.

When you connect your ORCID iD to another organization’s system, for example while submitting a manuscript to a publisher or  using the 'Search and Link' wizard. you will be asked to grant permission to that organization to interact with your ORCID account.

Grant permissions to trusted organisations to update your ORCID record and enable easy and error-free sharing and re-use of this information:

  • By granting permission and authorising your university systems to access your ORCID record, will enable them to add information to your ORCID record and keep it updated on your  behalf. 
  • By allowing your funder to add and update your grants means you have easily shareable information that is authoritative and trustworthy, and saves you time when completing forms.
  • By granting  permission to publishers and authorising  them to update your ORCID record you will have automatic updates to your  record as you  publish a paper or dataset, when you do peer review etc

When you grant permission, that organization becomes a trusted organization and is listed in the Trusted organizations section of your account settings.

It is recommended that NTU members permit selected trusted organisations such as DataCite and Crossref to add/update their record.

  • By permitting DataCite, DR-NTU (Data) dataset DOIs will be automatically updated in your ORCID record.
  • By permitting Crossref, whenever a new work associated with your ORCID iD is found in their system - from any publisher, it will be automatically updated in your record.

You can revoke the permission anytime from the Trusted organizations section of your account settings page and click delete (the trash can icon) near the name of the organization whose access you want to revoke.

Adding trusted individuals

Trusted individuals are other ORCID iD holders to whom you have granted permission to update your ORCID record.

You can grant permission to one or more trusted individuals to update your ORCID record, acting as a delegate or proxy for managing your account.

To grant access to a trusted individual, sign in to ORCID, click the down arrow beside your name, go to Account settings, then Trusted individuals. In the search box, enter the ORCID iD, email address, or name of the person you want to make a trusted individual, then click search. Click on Add next to the name of the user you wish to make a trusted individual

If a user has added you to their ORCID record as a trusted individual, a notification will appear in your ORCID inbox.

Once you have been added as a trusted individual, you will see an additional option when you log in to your own ORCID record. Under your name you will see the heading Switch account.

Clicking on Switch account will list the records that you can manage.


Add works to your ORCID record

There are four ways to add works to your ORCID record yourself:

1. Add works by direct import from other systems by searching  and linking to your publications and other works to your ORCID record from other databases.
2. Add works using an identifier.
3. Import and export works via BibTeX.
4. Add works manually.

You can also set up auto updates by providing your iD and granting permissions to trusted organizations to add data to your record and do auto update

Add works by direct import from other systems

Search and Link wizards are the recommended way to populate your record. Wizards make adding works easy, ensure you are getting data about the work directly from the source so it is accurate, and allow the addition of contributor information, which is not possible via other methods.

To add works to your ORCID record using a Search & Link wizard, you must first grant access to the organization's integration. Select the platform you want to use to import your works from the dropdown list. You'll be prompted to grant access to your ORCID record then taken to the member's website to select the works to add to your ORCID record. Works added with a Search and Link Wizard will display the relevant organization as the source of the item and you as the source of the connection between that item and your record. This displays as “[researcher name] via [wizard name].”

Populate your ORCID record with publications from your ResearcherID

You will need to login to your Publons account to grant Publons permission to link your ResearcherID to ORCID. To export your publications to ORCID please follow these steps:

  1. On the ‘Permissions Settings’ page of Publons, click "Link your ORCID" and follow the steps to link your ORCID record to Publons.
  2. Once your ORCID record is linked, navigate back to permissions settings page and select ‘Grant Publons permission to update your ORCID works’ and confirm authorization request.
  3. Click on "Export Publications to ORCID now".

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Populate your ORCID record with publications from your Scopus Author profile

To do so, you can use this link to add publication data from your Scopus Author Profile to your ORCID record. 

Note: If you see a message from your browser that tells you that the site is not secure, look for "Details" and select "Go on to the webpage".

Screen capture of the landing page:

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Populate your ORCID record with publications from your Google Scholar Profile

It is possible to export your citations from Google Scholar and import them into your ORCID record.

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