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ACG Series: Visual Aids: Introduction

Learn the basics of preparing Powerpoint visual aids for your presentation.

About the ACG Series

You're about to begin a short online module on preparing visual aids, developed by NTU's Language and Communication Centre (LCC). This whole module should take about 30 - 45 minutes of your time.

This Visual Aids module is a course in a series of Academic Communication Guides (ACG) that LCC is developing. The other courses in the ACG series are on Plagiarism and Citations, and the links are provided below. 


When delivering a class presentation or other kind of oral presentation, you often need to use slides. This module will take you through some tips on preparing the best slides possible.

Although there are many presentation software tools to choose from, this module focuses on the most commonly used: PowerPoint.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you should be able to prepare suitable slides for oral presentations by considering the following aspects: 

1. Formatting your slides

2. Writing and formatting text

3. Choosing and formatting slide visuals

Before you begin...

This module is divided into three sections. You may benefit from working through all three, or you may need only a few tips from one or two sections. Before you begin, take the brief diagnostic quiz on the next tab to decide which parts of this module will be most helpful for you.

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