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Scholarly Publishing Services Guide: How to get a DOI for your paper?

An overview of scholarly publishing services provided by NTU Library.

How to get a DOI for your paper?

What is a DOI?

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to a digital object. A DOI links persistently to a publication so that any link or reference to it should take a user to where the article currently resides online. They are useful for citation metrics, facilitate access to content and is also a way to overcome the problem of dead links. 

Structure of a DOI


Benefits of a DOI

  • DOIs are permanent unique identifiers assigned to publications, data, and other scholarly products.
  • DOIs make it easier for researchers’ work to be discovered, cited, and credited to them.
  • As part of the scholarly record, DOIs are indexed permanently and remain available in perpetuity.

DOI minting for papers, data and higher degree theses

The Library provides DOI minting service for papers, data and higher degree theses for NTU staff and students. In order for the Library to mint a DOI, the item must fulfill these essential criteria:

  • The item must be a scholarly output of NTU staff and students
  • The item does not have a DOI from your publisher
  • The item must be open in DR-NTU.

To apply a DOI for your paper, please contact us, you need to provide the minimum required metadata information for the item as listed below. The metadata information submitted will be open to the public and used freely for discovery.

  • Document Type
  • Title
  • URL
  • Authors
  • Publication Dates

If your data is hosted in DR-NTU (Data), a DOI will be assigned to it automatically. If you need to know more about data DOI minting, please contact the Library’s Research Data Management team.

All the higher degree theses (Ph.D. and masters by research only) submitted to DR-NTU have been automatically assigned DOIs. The embargo status of theses does not change with the DOI minting.

To find the DOI of your thesis, go to DR-NTU to do a title or name search or you can also search via Google. Click on the title of your thesis, and the DOI will be listed in the record. Please include the DOI when citing your own thesis. If you have any questions, please contact us.