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Scholarly Publishing Services Guide: Home

An overview of scholarly publishing services provided by NTU Library.

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NTU Research and Publishing Services

Research and Publishing Services:


This guide aims to provide an overview of the scholarly publishing services provided by NTU Library. In addition to providing information on selecting suitable journals for publishing research output, Library also provides open access publishing services such as the platform DR-NTU to store the research output of the University, DOI minting and ISBN/ISSN/DOAJ registration services.

Books on Scholarly Publishing

The author made it her mission to demystify the writing process by taking this overwhelming task and breaks it into small, manageable step.

 From the initial brief to final manuscript and beyond, all is explained  in jargon-free, no-nonsense and encouraging terms, providing indispensable
 guidance to clinicians, scientists and academics in giving their research  the platform it deserves.

This book covers all essential aspects of writing scientific research articles, presenting eighteen carefully selected titles that offer essential, “must-know” content on how to write high-quality articles.

Resources for early career researchers


How to publish a paper in Nature

Nature is one of the world's leading scientific journals, publishing many papers that receive wide attention by the general public. But, Nature is very selective. In order to maximize your chances of getting published, papers should present fundamental new physical insights, or startling  observations/results. Theory papers pose additional problems, as we want only those papers that are likely to be the correct explanation, and not simply exploring parameter space. The writing should be clear, concise and directed at the level of a graduate course in the subject.