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Predatory Publishing: List of potential predatory Journals/Publishers

This guide was created to help researchers to be aware of predatory publishers.

List of potential predatory publishers/journals

For a list of identified predatory publishers/journals, refer to:

  • Beall's list
  • Retraction watch
  • Cabell's blacklist
  • DOAJ blacklist

Beall's list

Jeffrey Beall, a former librarian, collated a list of potential and possible predatory scholarly open access journals. However, this list was last updated in 2017. Researchers could refer this archived list to find out if the journal/publisher is blacklisted.

The list of possible predatory publishers was based on Beall's opinion and it has been continued to be widely used.

Retraction watch

Cabell's blacklist

Other blacklist of journals:

Review of Cabell's list in the resources below: