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What am I searching?


You can search across NTU Library collection for books, audio-visuals, journal articles, ntu publications and others. Begin your search with OneSearch on the Library homepage or directly at
OneSearch page.

Use OneSearch if you are:

  • looking for specific book , e-book or article

  • searching for a topic for books, e-books or articles

  • searching for your research literature review

If you:

  • want a particular database, search one of our subscribed databases

  • need to find information on a particular subject, use our libguides

Sign in to access your library account as well as when you are off campus. You can do the following: 

  • Request materials
  • Renew books, view requests and loans
  • View My Favorites for saved records, searches and search history
  • View full search results. (Some databases, only show results when you're signed in.)

Follow the steps below to view your account.

1. Click on the Sign in link

2. Click on NTU / NIE users

3. Click on your name on the top right hand corner of the page. Click on My Account to view your loan items, requests, and fine/fee (if any).


Simple search

Enter keywords into the search box. You can narrow down your search by restricting the search option (Everything, Course Reserves, Library Catalogue, DR-NTU and Articles and more) or the suggested titles. By default you will search “Everything” in NTU collection.



You can also use symbols or Boolean operators to get the best results for your search.

  • Quotation marks – to search for an exact phrase. Example: “global warming”

  • Wildcard characters

    • ? – to replace a single character of a word. Example: wom?n to search for  records that contain woman and women
    • * to replace multiple characters of a word. Example: cultur* to search for records that contain culture, cultural and culturally
  • Boolean operators – place AND, OR or NOT (in capital letters) between words or phrases when searching.
    Example: honey bee AND communication; global warming OR climate changes


Advanced search

Advance search allows you to specify additional criteria which is not available in the Simple search.

In the Advanced search, you can select these options:

  • Field selector - narrow the search to a particular field (such as title, author and subject)

  • Search type – indicate your query options when searching:

    • contains all words in the phrase
    • is (exact) phrase
    • starts with exact title

You can also limit your search by Material Type, Language and Start/End Date.


Browse search

Browse search allows you to browse NTU collection by author or title.

Click on the “” at the top right corner of the page to select the Browse Author, Title, Series or Subject. Select Browse by Author, Title, Series or Subject option and enter your search term.


Results list

A list of results will display when you first perform a search. Click on the title to view the full record.

  • Available Online – click to access at the electronic resource platform.

  • Available at – click to see the availability and location of a physical item in the library.


Refine results

You can refine your search results by applying filters. Filters allow you to further refine the results by subject, author, resource type and more.


To deselect a filter, click on the selected active filter.

To request an item, you must Sign in.  Click on “Sign In” on the top right corner of the OneSearch page.



At the record, click on “Place a Hold ” to reserve a book that is currently loaned by someone.

Select the preferred pick up location. Click Send Request.

Once the book is returned, you will be notified to collect.


To cancel a request, go to Library Card under your name in the top right corner of the page. Under REQUESTS, look for the title you would like to cancel, click CANCEL.


Request for document delivery or inter-library loan

At the record, click on the "Request for ARTICLE/CHAPTER (Document Delivery) || Request for BOOK (Inter-Library Loan)" and fill in the form. Click Send Request.

The library staff will follow-up with you.


Request for library to purchase or subscribe

At the record, click on the "Recommend BOOK PURCHASE || Recommend JOURNAL SUBSCRIPTION" and fill in the form. Click Send Request.

The library staff will follow-up with you.


You need to Sign In to view your account information. Click on your name, under Library Card on the top right corner of the page. You can view your loan items and also renew your loan items.


You can view your request status and also cancel the request.


You need to Sign In to view your favorites list. You can view your saved records, saved searches and search history.

From the result page, click on the favourites pin of the individual record to save the record.


Click on the Save query to save the search.


You can set up an alert (bell icon) so that you will be notified when new records are added to the system.


When a search is performed, a search history is also being saved. You can view at Search history.