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Information Literacy : Information & Media Literacy (IML) for Undergraduates on NTULearn

Information & Media Literacy (IML) for Undergraduates - eLearning on NTULearn

The Information & Media Literacy (IML) eLearning course is a fully interactive online program, complete with video, sound and animation. It contains 8 bite-sized units (15 minutes each) where information and media literacy skills are shared in an engaging and self-paced manner. The knowledge and skills gained will help you approach assignments with more confidence, efficiency and effectiveness. It will also ensure you are equipped with life-long skills for discovering and discerning information.

Topics covered in IML include:

  • Identify information types
  • Discover databases
  • Use search strategies
  • Understand copyright
  • Evaluate the quality of information
  • Spot misinformation


Currently, IML is available to all Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Undergraduates on NTULearn ! Log in to see Information and Media Literacy in your course list.

To find out more about IML and what participants thought of it, check out the videos below!


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