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Emerging Trends in Research and Scholarly Publishing

A Webinar Series by NTU Library


This webinar series offers a convenient channel for NTU Library to invite experts to share insights on Artificial Intelligence and other developments that impact the creation and discovery of scholarly works, preservation of journal articles and new models of publishing.


19 Jan 2024
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (Singapore/UTC+08:00)

Speaker: Anil Chandy, Vice President of Humanities, Social Sciences Books & Focus Projects, Managing Director of Springer Nature's Singapore Office, Springer Nature

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Navigating Academic Publishing with AI: Content Preparation, Solutions, and Dissemination

Join our NTU Library webinar for an overview on Springer Nature’s innovative AI applications to optimize publishing and enhance content dissemination for both authors and publishers. Learn about AI-driven author services that streamline the academic writing process through automatic literature assessments and selections.

The speaker will share about AI's role in making content dissemination on publishing platforms efficient and accurate with an enhanced user experience, and delve into discussions on ethical AI, responsible use, and how AI can democratize access to science, fosters transparency, and enhance collaborations. 
4 Aug 2023
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (Singapore/UTC+08:00)

Speaker: Dr Zhou Hong, Director of Intelligent Services Group and AI R&D, Wiley

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Artificial Intelligence in Scholarly Research

Explore artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of scholarly research to help researchers conduct, discover and access research work globally. The speaker talks about using AI techniques on multimedia content such as text, image and video to enable deeper, faster, wilder and personalised information discovery in the digital transformation era. Key highlights include AI accessibility, how AI can assist researchers in their writing and how AI can facilitate knowledge discovery.

The speaker shares some findings about how recent popular generative AI such as ChatGPT and Google Bard help on research. The talk also touches on the future impact of AI on research and the speaker shares a few tips on how to approach digital transformation as an organisation.

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