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Journal Citation Report : Getting Started

About Journal Citation Report (JCR)

Journal Citation Reports (JCR) is an annual publication by Clarivate Analytics that provides a comprehensive analysis of academic journals in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The report contains data on the citation performance of academic journals indexed in Web of Science, including information on the number of articles published, the number of times articles have been cited, the journal impact factor, and other citation metrics.

The JCR has several uses in the academic community, including:

  1. Journal evaluation: The JCR is commonly used by researchers and scholars to evaluate the quality and impact of academic journals in their field. The journal impact factor, which is included in the JCR, is often used as a benchmark for evaluating the impact and influence of a particular journal.
  2. Publishing decisions: The JCR can be used by authors to help decide where to submit their work for publication. Authors may choose to submit their work to journals with high impact factors or with a strong citation history in their field.
  3. JCR can also be a helpful tool in identifying high-quality research materials. The JCR focuses primarily on the number of times articles in a journal have been cited by other authors, and the journal impact factor, which is calculated based on this citation data. However, there are other factors that may contribute to the quality and value of research materials, such as originality, relevance, and the rigor of the research methods. Therefore, it is recommended to use the JCR alongside other evaluation criteria, such as peer review, expert recommendations, and personal judgment, to identify high-quality research materials.

Accessing JCR

How to access Journal Citation Report?
Journal Citation Report can be accessed using the Database link from the NTU Library home page. 

From the Collections A-Z List: Citation Databases choose Journal Citation Report.

Journal Citation Report.