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Web of Science : Getting Started

A guide for searching Web of Science

About Web of Science

Web of Science is a database that provides access to a vast collection of scholarly research articles, conference proceedings, and other scientific literature from various fields of study. It is produced by Clarivate Analytics and includes content from over 18,000 peer-reviewed journals, as well as from books, conference proceedings, and other sources.

One of the key features of Web of Science is the ability to track citations, which allows users to see how many times a particular article has been cited by other articles in the database. This feature can help researchers identify the most influential articles in a given field of study and follow the development of a particular research area over time.

Web of Science covers a wide range of subject areas, including science, social science, and humanities. Some of the subject areas covered by the database include agriculture, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, medicine, physics, psychology, and sociology, among others. Web of Science is a platform consisting of several literature search databases.

How to access Web of Science?
Web of Science can be accessed using the Database link from the NTU Library home page. 

From the Collections A-Z List: Citation Databases choose Web of Science.

 Web of Science