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DR-NTU (Data) User Guides and Policies: Home

Are you depositing journal papers? Use DR-NTU.
Are you depositing research data? Use DR-NTU (Data).


Need a quick start on depositing data? Watch the 'how-to videos', read the 'Depositor Guidelines' for best practices, and join us for our 'Intro to DR-NTU & DR-NTU (Data)' quarterly workshops!



DR-NTU (Data) is the institutional open access research data repository for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) researchers to deposit, publish and archive final research data, to make their data discoverable, accessible and reusable. 

DR-NTU (Data) is built on an open-source web application called Dataverse, and is developed and used by Harvard University to share, preserve, cite, explore, and analyze research data. DR-NTU (Data) is supported by the Library and CITS.


DR-NTU (Data) curates, stores, preserves, makes available and enables the download of digital data generated by the NTU research community in various disciplines. The repository develops and provides guidance for managing, sharing, and reusing research data to promote responsible data sharing in support of open science and research integrity.

Trusted Repository

DR-NTU (Data) is certified as a Trustworthy Data Repository by the CoreTrustSeal Standards and Certification Board. Certification is valid until 28 Jan 2025.

Why certification?

Certification can be an important contribution to ensure the reliability and durability of data repositories and hence the potential for sharing data over a long period of time. As a CoreTrustSeal Certified Repository, DR-NTU (Data) demonstrates that an independent authority has evaluated and endorsed its trustworthiness.

DMP and DR-NTU (Data) Workshops

Target audience: Principal investigators and their assigned research project team members. (For NIE researchers, please contact for DMP and Data Repository Workshop).

Upcoming Workshop Date & Time Venue Register At the end of the workshops, participants should be able to:

Data Management Plan (DMP)

(conducted quarterly)

29 Aug 2023 (Tue)

10:00 am to 11:30am


LWN Library, Level 4, Seminar Room (In-person) Register
  • Describe the benefits of having a DMP
  • Apply research data management best practices when answering the questions in the NTU DMP template
  • Understand ways to implement and update your DMP

Intro to
DR-NTU (Data)

(conducted quarterly)

2 Aug 2023 (Wed)

10:00am to 11:00am

Online through Zoom


(open in Jul)

  • Recognise NTU repositories, their functions and their benefits
  • Apply best practices in depositing research data
  • Identify best practices in depositing manuscript
Updating DMP in RISE (with RSO)
(conducted biannually)
Sep / Oct 2023

Online through MS Teams

  • Be aware of DMP requirements and minimise common lapses
  • Become acquainted with RISE for the following tasks:
    • Variation request
    • DMP update
    • RISE reports

Alternatively, If you are unable to attend the workshop and need any DMP writing help or would need assistance in using DR-NTU or DR-NTU (Data), please contact us.

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