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Scholarly Communication & Impact: Pre-Seminar Readings

This guide is to help you navigate the different elements of the Scholarly Communication world and find out how you can use them to your benefit.

Pre-Seminar Readings - Instructions

Welcome to the page of Pre-Seminar Readings for the Scholarly Communication Impact seminar!

The 7 boxes below contain information on some topics that are relevant to you as a new researcher in NTU. We will be having a short quiz and discussion of these topics during the live seminar as well so do look through this page and read through the information provided.

If you have not registered for our workshop yet, you can find the timings and registration links under the Workshop tab.

1. Research Data Management

Watch this video for a quick introduction on why learning how to manage your Research Data is important.

Research data management refers to all aspects of creating, housing, delivering, maintaining, archiving and preserving research data. It is one of the essential areas of responsible conduct of research.

For more information on what you can do to manage your research data and how to create your own Data Management Plan, check out out Research Data Management LibGuide.

2. Online Researcher Identity - ORCID

It is highly encouraged to create an ORCID to avoid author ambiguity in your research.

At the moment, NTU is requesting NTU faculty members to authorize NTU to collect and use their ORCID iD and their ORCID record data for NTU research systems.

For more information on ORCID and how to create one, do check out the ORCID Libguide.

3. Library Databases

NTU Library has many subscribed databases that you have access to!

You can browse through the list of subscribed Library Databases and search for useful databases by:

  • Name (i.e. Scopus, Web of Science, etc)
  • Subject (i.e. Linguistics, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Type (i.e. Market Reports, Technical Standards)
  • or even just search for the database needed!

4. Academic Integrity

NTU expects the highest level of intellectual honesty which must be reflected in all aspects of learning and research, evidenced by original work, and proper referencing ​​when acknowledging the work of others. 

For more resources on Academic Integrity including the Academic Integrity Handbook do click here.

iThenticate is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention tool available in NTULearn. It can be used to submit any written assignment, draft a publication, journal articles, dissertations for originality checking. The documents can also be shared with selected users such as supervisor to help to review the documents.

5. Reference Management Software

Reference Management Software are used to:

  • Manage and Organize your research effectively
  • Insert and manage citations in any written assignment/paper 


NTU Library supports EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero. Here is a simple table showing the differences between them.

  EndNote Mendeley Zotero
Available for download

(Full version)

(Full version)

(Full version)

Full premium features 

(available for NTU staff and students)

x x

Collaborate with other users

(i.e. sharing references)

✔  ✔  ✔ 
Online storage


2GB for the free version 300MB for the free version
File attachments (i.e. PDF) ✔  ✔ 
Annotate PDF ✔  x
Detect duplicates ✔  ✔ 

Support major citation styles

(i.e. APA, Chicago, IEEE, MLA, NLM, Turabian etc.)

✔  ✔ 
Social networks (i.e. can follow other users) x

Do check out our Reference Management LibGuide for more information on these software and workshop timings.

6. Full-Text @ NTU Library

If you need access to full text to articles you've found on Google Scholar and through other resources, try out these two tools provided by NTU Library! 

We will be exploring them in an activity during class so do ensure they are installed in your browser prior to attending.


  • NTU LibGenie - A smart extension for your desktop browser to provide seamless access to NTU Library subscribed full text e-resources and assist automatically with alternatives when you hit barriers.
  • NTU LibBookmark - A simple bookmark for your mobile/desktop browser to enable you easy access to full text e-resources subscribed by NTU Library.


7. Getting Help

The Library is here for you!

  • LibFAQ is here to answer all your Library related questions!
  • Do contact via our expert librarians for subject-specific information on resources
  • LibGuides for a multitude of topics and subjects are available as well

If you're not sure where to go to for help, feel free to drop us an email so we can assist.