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Scholarly Communication & Impact: How do I measure my research?

This guide is to help you navigate the different elements of the Scholarly Communication world and find out how you can use them to your benefit.

Introduction to Scholarly Metrics

Scholarly Metrics measure the impact/influence of academic work:

  • It can measure the impact/influence of your own work
  • It can indicate what are most influential journals, papers or authors in a field

Tracking Citations

You can track citations through various venues such as:

  • Databases like Web of Science

  • Databases like Scopus

  • even Google Scholar


H index is calculated according to the number of papers published and cited. It measures productivity and influence of a researcher. 

H index = x , whereby x is the number of publications with at least x number of citations.

For example:


Altmetrics measure the impact of the scholarly conversations in areas outside of the traditional publishing area/traditional metrics
Altmetrics are drawn from many different sources, such as:

  • Social networking sites
  • Citation management systems
  • Numbers of downloads.
  • Online traffic related to a research article

Examples of altmetrics can be found on OneSearch via PlumX