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Staff Profile: Ruan Yang

Senior Assistant Director


Ruan Yang is the Lead of Scholarly Publishing & Impact Team, which provides a range of research support services to facilitate NTU faculty and researchers to increase their research visibility and maximise their research impact. The team service portfolio includes curating and depositing papers and theses in the institutional repository DR-NTU for a wider access, hosting and support for qualified journals or conference proceedings edited at NTU, providing citation reports and altmetric tools to measure research impact in academic area and beyond, offering advisory and consulting services on scholarly publishing, open access, research profiles, and copyright.


Educational Qualifications

- Master of Applied Science (Information Studies), School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, 2005

- Master of Science (Publishing Science), Library and Information Management School, Wuhan University, China, 1997

- Bachelor of Arts (Archiving), Library and Information Management School, Wuhan University, China, 1994

Professional Experience, Specialisation & Memberships

Ruan Yang has been working in NTU Library for more than ten years in various areas including: cataloging, Chinese subject librarianship, and scholarly publishing and impact. She has experiences in various aspects of scholarly communication work such as open access publishing, research profile, research impact tracking and measuring, citation metrics and alternative metrics. Due to her stint as the Head of the Chinese Library for ten years, she is also very familiar with Chinese studies resources and Chinese subject services. Prior to that, she had worked in a university press for two years in China, gaining some experience in scholarly publishing.

Publications, Presentations & Works


  1. Foo S., Zhang X., Ruan Y., Goh S.N. (2018). ETDs, Research Data and More: The Current Status at Nanyang Technological University Singapore. In: Dobreva M., Hinze A., Žumer M. (eds) Maturity and Innovation in Digital Libraries. ICADL 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11279. Springer, Cham. Retrieved from
  2. 阮阳,罗必明. 南洋理工大学王赓武图书馆早期课本特藏的建立、保存和推广应用。2013年第二届中美图书馆论坛论文集。中国高校人文社会科学文献中心和兰州大学图书馆联合主办,中国兰州,2013年7月16日。 
    Ruan Yang, Luo Biming. Establishment, Preservation and Promotion of Early Textbook Special Collection of Wang Gungwu Library, Nanyang Technological University Library. Proceedings of the Second Sino-American Academic Library Forum for Cooperation and Development. Organized by China Academic Social Sciences and Humanities Libraries and Lanzhou University Library, 2013-07-16, Lanzhou, China. 
  3. 阮阳,谢耀文.无所不在的图书馆--新加坡南洋理工大学图书馆的数字化历程, 2012年中文数字出版与数字图书馆国际研讨会论文集。中国学术期刊(光盘版)电子杂志社、清华大学图书馆、香港大学图书馆联办,2012年6月25日, 中国昆明。 
    Ruan Yang, Chia Yew Boon, 2012. Digital Journey of Nanyang Technological University Libraries, Proceedings of 2012 International Seminar on Digital Publishing and Digital Library. Organized by the University of Hong Kong University Library, Tsinghua University Library, and China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House, 2012-06-25, Kunming, China. 
  4. 阮阳,谢耀文.新加坡图书馆推广阅读活动简介,图书馆与经典阅读研讨会论文集,页204-210。中国图书馆学会,中国图书馆学会阅读推广委员会和河北省图书馆联办,2011年8月23日,河北承德,中国。 
    Ruan Yang, Chia Yew Boon, 2011. Introduction to libraries’ reading promotion activities in Singapore. Proceedings of the Libraries and Reading Promotion conference, PP. 204-210, organized by the Reading Promotion Committee of China Library Association and Library of Hebei Province, 2011-08-23, Chengde, Hebei, China. 
  5. 阮阳,谢耀文。图书馆如何支持大学创新?--以新加坡南洋理工大学图书馆为例。 “城市生活与图书馆服务--第 5届上海 (杭州 )国际图书馆论坛”论文集,页372-375。上海图书馆和上海科学技术情报研究所联办,2010年8月。 
    Ruan Yang, Chia Yew Boon. Supporting University innovation: a case study of NTU Library. Proceedings of the Fifth Shanghai (Hangzhou) International Library Forum--City Life and Library Service, PP. 372-375. Organized by Shanghai Library and ISTIS,2010.8. 
  6. 蔡发翔,阮阳.如何应对断裂性的快速变革:从新加坡南洋理工大学图书馆的做法谈起。图书情报知识,2007, 3, 页87-90. Choy Fatt Cheong, Ruan Yang. Responding to disruptive and rapid changes: the case of Nanyang Technological University Library. Document, Information & Knowledge, 2007 (3), PP. 87-90. 
  7. Ruan Yang, C. K. Ramaiah, S. Foo. Virtual Archival Exhibition System: An authoring tool for developing Web-based virtual exhibitions. Proceedings of the International Conference on Dublin Core & Metadata Applications, Aug 2007, pp. 96 -105, Singapore: Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, National Library Board Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.   
  8. Ruan Yang, Virtual Archival Exhibition System: A Tool to Access Culture and Heritage Resources, 2005. M. Sc. Dissertation, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. 

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