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Staff Profile: Lena Sam


Lena is a Senior Librarian with NTU Library's Academic Engagement Team. She leads the library team providing systematic search services for NTU faculty/ researchers conducting systematic reviews. She is a liaison librarian for College of Engineering, College of Science and Nanyang Business School.

Professional Experience, Specialisation & Memberships

Lena joined NTU Library in 2007 after receiving her MSc (Information Studies) from the School of Communication and Information (SCI), NTU. She has previously worked in the Bibliographic Services Division, Scholarly Communication Group (Digital Projects) and as an Engineering Librarian concurrently before moving to the Advisory & Consultation, and then Academic Engagement Team. Prior to joining NTU, she had worked several years in building construction and the oil and gas industry. 

She is a member of the Library Association of Singapore since 2007.

Honours, Awards & Achievements

- Practising Professional of the Library Association of Singapore (LAS) since 2009

- NTU 15 Years Long Service Award

Skills & Interests

  • Advanced searching for systematic reviews
  • Information organisation, in particular metadata
  • Management systems, in particular BMS, EMS and ERDMS
  • Patent information systems
  • Information literacy

Publications, Presentations & Works

Presentations/ Publications:

  • Ally, Y., Sam, L. C. F., Munro, Y. L. & Mohamed Jasni, N. (2023). AI and Systematic Search Services : moon-shot or crash-landing?. Presentation at LAS-NLB (Library Association of Singapore- National Library Board) Professional Sharing on Artificial Intelligence and Libraries: Building Future-Ready Information Spaces, 26 May 2023, Singapore.
  • Sam, L. C. F. & Wong, V. (2017). An annotated bibliography redux: a story of bibliographies, Singapore literature and digitization. Singapore Libraries Bulletin. Library Association of Singapore
  • Sam, L. C. F. & Lim, K. M. (2016). Partnering with faculty for the creation of engineering digital projects: process, challenges and opportunities. Singapore Journal of Library and Information Management (45)11-19. Available at:
  • Muralidharan, P., Sam, L. C. F., & Tan, C.W. (2016). Cogenerating possibilities to promote learning beyond the classroom. Poster presented at LAS conference 2016: Smart Libraries for Tomorrow: Disrupt and Innovate, Singapore.
  • Sam, L. C. F. (2015). The final year report : your contribution to future student research. NTU Libraries. Library Express Jan 2015./ Available at:
  • Sam, L. C. F., Ramakrishnan, R. R., & Venkatachalam, K. (2013) Information services for the engineering community: explorations in the hybrid environment. Paper presented at: IFLA World Library and Information Congress, 17 - 23 August 2013, Singapore. Available at:
  • Tan, C., & Sam, L. C. F. (2013). Shared goals, mutual benefits and shared responsibilities : a case study of Nanyang Technological University Library. Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference of Asian Special Libraries (ICOASL) : special libraries towards achieving dynamic, strategic and responsible working environment, Pasay City, Philippines.
  • Sam, L. C. F., Muralidharan, P. (2012). Initiating Information Literacy Instruction: Collaboration with the NTU Engineering Community.  Poster presented at 33rd Annual IATUL Conference 2012: Library Strategies for New Generation Users, Singapore.
  • Sam, L. C. F., Muralidharan, P. (2011). Digital repository @NTU: user-centred services from re-usable subject metadata. Poster presented at LAS Seminar 2011: Libraries for Tomorrow. Singapore.
  • Sam, L. C. F., & Muralidharan, P. (2011). Digital repository @NTU: user-centred services from re-usable subject metadata. Poster presentation at Pacific Neighbourhood Consortium (PNC) 2011 Conference Poster Session: Librarian Poster Competition, Bangkok. Available at:
  • Sam, L. C. F., Muralidharan, P., Tan, H.Y., Goh, S. N. (2009). Digital repository at Nanyang Technological University: implementing a subject metadata scheme. Paper presented at the XIV General conference, Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL XIV), Hanoi, Vietnam. Available at

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