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Research Data Management: DR-NTU (Data) Clinics

DR-NTU (Data) Clinics


Data depositors who would like more help with the deposit, description and publication of their final research data in the NTU research data repository DR-NTU (Data) are most welcome to make a one-to-one consultation appointment with us. It will be ideal if you could come to the appointment with the following:

  1. Your questions in regards to the depositing, describing and publishing of your research data in DR-NTU (Data).
  2. Your final research data1 and data documentation2 in order for us to walk you through the steps to deposit, describe and publish your research data in DR-NTU (Data).
  3. Information (citation) about your research paper publication(s) for which your research data supports.


1 final research data i.e. underlying research data (e.g. equipment data, non-identifiable survey data, experiment data, textual data, image data, software codes in original, processed file formats) that are collected and used during your research project

2 examples of data documentation: readme, data workflows, data dictionaries. They help to facilitate the reuse of your research data. They could cover variable names and descriptions, definition of codes and classification schemes, codes of, and reasons for, missing values, definitions of specialty terminology and acronyms, algorithms used to transform data, etc.


Upcoming DR-NTU (Data) Clinics: 

Date Time  Registration link
25 Sep 2019 (Wed) Session 1 2.00pm  2.30pm Click here to register
25 Sep 2019 (Wed) Session 2 2.30pm  3.00pm Click here to register
25 Sep 2019 (Wed) Session 3 3.00pm  3.30pm Click here to register
25 Sep 2019 (Wed) Session 4 3.30pm  4.00pm Click here to register