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Public & Promotional Communication: Books

A compilation of resources for public and promotional communication subject


Below is a selection of books on Public and Promotional Communication. Books are a good source for comprehensive information or an overview of a topic. The books included here comprises of both print and e-books. For print books, a call number is included so that you can find them in the library. 

The books are divided into several sections: introductory books, research method books, reference works, and several titles on leisure readings. These leisure readings may sometimes include fiction and non-fiction titles. A brief paragraph that describes the content and recommended use are appended on each book. 

To browse more titles, please visit our library catalogue, or ask a librarian for a recommendation. 



The main book collection for communication studies is located at basement 1 of the Communication and Information Library (CMIL). Older books (year 2000 and older) are located at the Business Library. Below is a list of core subject areas in public & promotional communication (PPC) with their call number ranges. Use these numbers to locate relevant books on the shelves.

Core Subject Area Call Number Range
Advertising HF5801 – HF6182
Crisis Communication HD49
Interpersonal communication HM1166
Marketing communications HF5415.123 – HF5415.124
Market Surveys & Consumer Behaviour HF5415.3 – HF5415.32
Organizational communication HD30.3
Political Communication JF1525.C59, JF1525.P8
Psychology of influence BF774
Public Relations HD59 – HD59.5 HM1221 – HM1226
Public Opinion HM1236
Visual Communication P93.5 – P93.53



Besides browsing the collection, search for relevant books using our Library Catalogue before stepping into the library. Search using appropriate subject terms in the SUBJECT field. 

Subject headings are words or phrases that librarians use to describe the content of a book. We use a fixed set of subject terms known as the Library of Congress Subject Headings.




If there are any book lists that you would like to see here, let me know.


Improve your search results with these catalogue tips.



Call numbers may look random but librarians follow certain rules when putting the call numbers together. If you understand how the library classify its books, it will save you time when you are looking for books and help you discover more books which you otherwise might have missed. In NTU Library, we follow the Library of Congress Classification System (LC for short). In case you are wondering.




E-books are so convenient. You can read or refer to an e-book anytime and anywhere, even when the library is closed. I also find e-books useful for quick references, quick checks for definitions, facts and figures, and how-to guides.

EBooks: Browsing the collection