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Philosophy: eResources

This is a guide to provide information to students of the Philosophy programme in NTU's School of Humanities.


Below is a selection of electronic resources (eResources) useful for Philosophy academic work. These e-resources may include full-text journal articles, bibliographies, reference materials and others, and you can access them either from their journal pages, or from expansive databases that aggregate resources from multiple journals or sources.

This page is divided into two major sections - on the left are Journals, and on the right are Databases and other general sites.

The Journals section is separated into some broad categories of philosophical topics, for more detailed and specific journal recommendations, do check the other topic guides or ask your librarian.

General Databases list down popular academic databases in the discipline - your research should start from one of these. Useful Web Resources are resources and websites of resources curated by societies or academic groups that can provide more information than what is in the Library's databases.

For each of the eResources listed, simply click on the title to access it directly. A brief description of each eResource and its access information is also included to give you an idea of the data or time coverage. 

To browse more eResources, please visit our A-Z collections listing, or ask a librarian for a recommendation.

General Databases

Useful Web Resources

As a student of Philosophy, a number of the texts that you will be required to read are in the public domain, and can be freely accessed. There are also a number of useful resources curated by universities that can help provide useful information for your research and coursework listed below: