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Library Resources -- Recommendations and Requests

This guide is about submitting a resource recommendation or request to the Library.

Journals and Periodicals

Journals and periodicals are typically acquired by subscription. These include scholarly journals as well as trade/consumer magazines and newspapers.

Subscriptions to scholarly journals are highly challenging to manage because:

  • These are recurring costs every year.
  • Demand for these journals tend to be price-inelastic.
  • The market for scholarly publishing has become highly commercialized over the past decade. Publishers and providers have been increasing their prices by an average of 6% yearly.
  • They are often offered as a package of titles ("Big deals"), with individual title-by-title subscriptions so highly priced that it appears to be bad value-for-money.
  • They require advance payment.
  • Most scholarly journal publishers sell their subscriptions by calendar year (Jan-Dec), which differs from NTU's financial year (Apr-Mar). Based on NTU's accounting practice, there is substantial administrative cost to manage the payment and accounting of such subscriptions.

Due to the complex nature of journal subscriptions:

  • Only faculty staff can submit recommendations for journals. Research students may get their supervisors to review their recommendations and submit under the supervisor's name.
  • Recommendations may take up to 12 months to be reviewed. For articles that are urgently required, please request for Document Delivery.
  • To recommend a journal, faculty staff can send an email to acquisition[at] with the following details:
    • Title, ISSN, and details to support the recommendation

NOTE: The Library is planning to redesign our business processes for journal subscriptions; we will provide more information in due time.