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Library Resources -- Recommendations and Requests

This guide is about submitting a resource recommendation or request to the Library.

Inter-Library Loan and Document Delivery Partnership

We provide Inter-Library Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery (DocDel) services to libraries in Singapore and overseas. We accept partnerships with local libraries of government departments, statutory boards, tertiary institutions and government-owned companies.

If your library would like to set up ILL or DocDel with us, please email and provide:

  • A brief introduction of your institution (e.g. privately or publicly funded, etc.)
  • Library set-up (e.g. name of the Chief Librarian, size of your Library collection and membership)
  • An indication of whether you are prepared to reciprocate similar services to our Library

All requests are subject to copyright considerations and approval of the library.

  • For DocDel of journal articles, items are supplied within the constraints of the Copyright Act as well as the licensing terms and conditions of journal subscriptions.
    • NTU theses and project reports are not available for DocDel. Note that selected NTU documents can be found in our open access collections.
  • For ILL, the following types of materials are not available:
    • NTU theses and project reports
    • Periodicals and newspapers and microforms
    • Audio-Visual (AV) materials, e.g. DVDs
    • Reference books
    • Items found in the course reserves (RBR)
    • New materials that have been acquired for less than a year
    • Unique material that would be difficult or impossible to replace, e.g. reports on governmental investigations


Submitting a request

Libraries must email the following details to

  • Name of your institution / library
  • Bibliographic details of the iem, e.g. Title, author, year of publication, volume/issue, call number, etc.

ILL Terms of Borrowing

  • The loan period is 28 days for both local and overseas libraries.
  • Up to 10 items may be borrowed at any time.
  • Loans may be renewed up to 6 times.


  • For Singapore libraries, there is no charge for loans to our reciprocal partners.
  • If delivery is required, standard postage charges apply.
  • For DocDel requests, we charge SGD10.00 for up to 10 pages + SGD2.00 for each additional 10 pages; or 1 IFLA voucher for up to 20 pages + ½ IFLA voucher for each additional 20 pages

Payment method

  • We accept IFLA vouchers or payment by bank draft in Singapore dollars made payable to Nanyang Technological University.