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DR-NTU (Data) User Guides and Policies

Supported Metadata

A dataset contains three levels of metadata:

1. Citation Metadata: any metadata that would be needed for generating a data citation and other general metadata that could be applied to any dataset;

2. Domain specific Metadata: with specific support currently for Social Science and Humanities, Life Science, Geospatial, Astronomy and Astrophysics, and Journal.

3. File-level Metadata: varies depending on the type of data file - see File Handling section for more details).

For more details about what Citation and Domain specific metadata is supported, please see Metadata References section.

Note that once a dataset has been published its metadata may be exported. A button on the dataset page’s metadata tab will allow a user to export the metadata of the most recently published version of the dataset. Currently supported export formats are Dublin Core, DDI (Data Documentation Initiative), DataCite, JSON, OAI_ORE, OpenAIRE, and JSON-LD. 

Metadata References

Dataverse is committed to using standard-compliant metadata to ensure that Dataverse metadata can be mapped easily to standard metadata schemas and be exported into JSON format (XML for tabular file metadata) for preservation and interoperability.

Detailed below are what metadata schemas we support for Citation and Domain Specific Metadata in Dataverse: