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DR-NTU (Data) User Guides and Policies

How to log in DR-NTU (Data)

  1. Go to “Log In” in the upper right corner of DR-NTU (Data).

  2. Select Nanyang Technological University from the drop-down menu, then click the Continue button.

  3. You will be brought to the NTU log in page:

  4. After you successfully input your Username (exclude the “staff\” or “student\”in the username) and Password, you will be brought back to DR-NTU (Data) to view your account information.

  5. Check your name, email address, and read the general terms of use.
  6. Check the “I have read and accept the Dataverse General Terms of Use as outlined above” box and click “Create Account” button.

How to change your Dataverse account to no longer use Institutional Log In

If you are leaving your institution and need to change your account back to a Dataverse account, you will need to contact support for the Dataverse installation you are using. On your account page, there is a link that will open the contact form for Support:

My Data

The My Data section of your account page displays a listing of all the dataverses, datasets, and files you have either created, uploaded or that you have access to edit. You are able to filter through all the dataverses, datasets, and files listed there using the filter box. You may also use the facets on the left side to only view a specific Publication Status or Role.

Notifications: Setup & Maintenance

Notifications appear in the notifications tab on your account page and are also displayed as a number next to your account name.

You will receive a notification when:

  • You’ve created your account
  • You’ve created a dataverse or added a dataset
  • Another Dataverse user has requested access to a restricted file in one of your datasets

Dataverse will email your unread notifications once a day. Notifications will only be emailed one time even if you haven’t read the notification on the Dataverse site.