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DD2007 The Art and Architecture of the ‘Long Century’ 1789-1914: Web Resources

This guide is a one-stop resource for students taking DD2007

Web Resources

Other than Library subscribed resources, the main source of web resources that will be useful for DD2007 would revolve around mostly museum websites, publications as well as social media.

As mentioned in the Books and E-Resources sections, information on the artworks of the era are plentiful in academic sources, but for more general resources on the web, unless you know that a source is reliable and authoritative, please refer to museum websites rather than personal blogs of enthusiasts.

This page will list a number of websites from museums that you can refer to. For inspiration on presentations or to gain insight as to how curators examine and analyze the artworks, you can also try looking for social media posts created under the name of the museums.


Browse these museum websites to view their exhibition items, virtual exhibitions, and hi-res images of several prominent artworks.

Museums in the USA
Museums in Europe

Curators in Action

For your assignment, you are expected to present on a painting of your choosing.

Listed here are the social media accounts of some museums that feature actual curators presenting on artwork that you can refer to. You may want to explore these to see what content curators tend to focus on, and what techniques they use during their presentations to engage the audience and the artwork they are presenting about.

Other Resources