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DD2007 The Art and Architecture of the ‘Long Century’ 1789-1914

This guide is a one-stop resource for students taking DD2007

About this Guide

DD2007 is an inter-disciplinary elective course open to all students in NTU.

This guide is intended to provide a one-stop resource for all students taking this course, whether they are undergraduates of the ADM School, or undergraduates of other majors.

This course focuses on the development of european art and architecture during what is known as the "long 19th century". You will learn about the various social and historical events and contexts that frame this period and what this has to do with the art and architecture you are studying.

You will need to learn the basics of humanities research and study, as well as concepts and frameworks of how to identify, analyse and intepret art and architecture. This guide will point you to resources that can help you understand how to do this, if you are not an arts major. You will also be expected to engage with and reflect on the art, as well as to present your observations and conclusions in discussion with your peers.

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