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DD2007 The Art and Architecture of the ‘Long Century’ 1789-1914: eResources

This guide is a one-stop resource for students taking DD2007


What are Databases?

To refresh your memory, databases are basically websites or platforms with information, sometimes thematically collected. These websites normally require you to pay a fee to access the information within. To assist in research and coursework, the Library pays the subscription fees to provide access to these resources for all users of the NTU community.

What Databases are useful for you?

As students of DD2007, there are two major types of resources that will be of use to you. The first would be primary source databases that provide you access to images or descriptions of the original artwork or commentary of the artwork from the long century. The second would be secondary source databases and e-journals that provide contemporary academic discussion and analyses on the above topics or pieces of art.

This page will list several of these that can serve as research starters for the purpose of your course. Do remember to refer to the books section for more resources!


What is an academic journal?

An academic journal is a peer-reviewed periodical that contains research articles on a specific subject area. It serves as the medium for research dissemination, with content ranging from original research, review articles, and book reviews. Some renowned journals in Art & Design are listed down below.

Primary Source Databases

Secondary Source Databases