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Communication Research: eResources

A compilation of resources for Communication Research


Below is a selection of electronic resources (eResources) related to Communication Research. These e-resources may include full-text journal articles, abstracts index of citations, e-books, references material, etc. The section below is divided into journals, core databases, reference databases, freely-available databases, and websites. 

The Journals section features some of the renowned journals in the discipline. Core Databases section lists down popular databases in the discipline. Reference Databases mostly feature databases that contain references for conducting research. Websites sections list various research institutions, online magazines, special interest websites, and any other web resources that could be useful for those learning and researching the discipline. 

For each of the eResources listed, simply click on the title to go to the eResources immediately. A brief description of each eResources and its access information is also included to give you an idea of the data or time coverage. 

To browse more eResources, please visit our A-Z collections listing, or ask a librarian for a recommendation. 


What is an academic journal?

An academic journal is a peer-reviewed periodical that contains research articles on a specific subject area. It serves as the medium for research dissemination, with content ranging from original research, review articles, and book reviews. Some renowned journals in Communication Research are listed down below.

Associations and Organisations


Core Databases

Reference Databases

Related Databases