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Civil Engineering: Searching for Eurocodes

This guide provides an overview of key resources in Civil Engineering


The Eurocodes is a common set of technical rules for the design of building and civil engineering works produced for European Union (EU) member states. Every member states will adopt and translate the base Eurocodes unchanged into their national language and published as, e.g., for UK it would be BS EN 199X-Y-Y. Local differences within each member states will be taken care of through their respective National Annexe (NA), i.e. UK NA to BS EN 199X.

You can look at the following websites for more information about Eurocodes:

The Eurocodes suite of codes

The Structural Eurocodes consist of 10 standards in 58 parts. They are:

Eurocode Title No of parts
EN 1990 Eurocode 0: Basis of structural design the head code
EN 1991 Eurocode 1: Actions on structures


EN 1992 Eurocode 2: Actions on structures


EN 1993 Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures


EN 1994 Eurocode 4: Design of composite structures


EN 1995 Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures


EN 1996 Eurocode 6: Design of masonry structures


EN 1997 Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design


EN 1998 Eurocode 8: Design for earthquake resistance


EN 1999 Eurocode 9: Design of aluminium structures


  An example of the three parts for Eurocode 4:  

Eurocode 4 Title
EN 1994-1-1 General rules and rules for building
EN 1994-1-2 Structural fire design
EN 1994-2 Composite bridges

Searching for Eurocodes @ BSOL

At the search box, for e.g., to access Eurocode 7, you can either do a phrase search with keyword, “eurocode 7” or with the standard number, “en 1997″



Please note Eurocode 7 has 2 parts, i.e., Part 1 and Part 2 and the NAs are related to UK.


Click“Download PDF” to either open or download the document.


Note: Only 3 concurrent users. Please remember to log-out after you have finished your searching. 

Searching for Eurocodes adopted by Singapore

Eurocodes adopted and implemented by Spring Singapore (our national standards body) are also available in print format in our library collection. They are published with the prefix “SS”, e.g. Eurocode 4 is published as “SS EN 1994”. Both adopted Eurocodes and related Singapore NAs can be found in our collections by searching at our Library Catalogue by keying in "singapore eurocodes".

Selected Book Titles on Eurocodes