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Chinese Studies: Books 图书

An overview of library resources for Chinese Studies


Here is an overview of some recommended books for Chinese Studies.

Dictionaries 字典

Below is an annotated list of dictionaries commonly used in Chinese linguistics organized in chronological order:



There are more notable works in the study of Chinese linguistics and many books or guide books have been written about them. If you are interested to read more, you can look up 《中国文史工具资料书举要》 written by 吴小如 and 《中国古代语言学史》 written by 邓文彬. Both books document the background of publications and the differences and importance of each in its fields of research in detail. Both books also have simple guides teaching readers how to use these reference books.


Reference works 参考书

地方志 Local Gazetteers

中国地方志 China Local Gazetteers    

Local gazetteers (地方志) have been major primary sources for the study of China’s local history. 

华人地方志 Overseas Chinese Gazetteers 

This is a Malaysian Chinese local gazetteer of Johor and is about the villages of Kulaijaya.

Others 其他

Classical Texts 经典文本

Chinese Diasporas 海外华人

Almanacs, Chronologies & Statistical Yearbooks 年鉴, 年表 , 统计年鉴