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Scholarly Publishing Services Guide: ISBN/ISSN/DOAJ Registration

An overview of scholarly publishing services provided by NTU Library.

ISBN/ISSN/DOAJ Registration

ISSN/ISBN registration

The ISSN is the standardised 8-digit international code that uniquely identifies a serial publication, i.e. a publication issued in successive parts to be published under a common title for an indefinite period. The National Library is the ISSN National Centre for Singapore and issues Singapore ISSNs to serials published in Singapore. Faculty who has plans to start a new journal can contact the Library to request for an ISSN.

The ISBN is the standardised 13-digit international number that uniquely identifies a monographic/book publication. It benefits and allows publishers, book suppliers and libraries worldwide to easily locate and order items. Any member of the NTU community who needs an ISBN for their publication, such as a School or College publication, can contact the Library to apply for one.

Two copies of every publication published or produced in Singapore and made available for sale or public distribution in Singapore are required to deposit them with the National Library within four weeks from the date of publication. Options for depositing electronic publications have also been provided. For more information, please refer to Legal Deposit.

DOAJ registration

With several thousand open access journals and many more articles, finding an open-access research article can be challenging. In 2003, Lund University, Sweden, launched DOAJ as an aid for researchers. DOAJ aims to ensure that all journals listed in its database have been subjected to quality-control standards for content. DOAJ metadata is widely available for anyone to use. Indexing in DOAJ will increase traffic to journal sites and visibility of content. Similar to ISSN registration, Library is able to register our journal with DOAJ. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

Platform for content hosting

We provide custom-designed web sites to host journal content, one example is Studies in Religion and the Enlightenment; we also provide advisory services related to author’s rights, publishing contact. If you need any assistance, please contact us.