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Scholarly Communication & Impact: How do I get people to read my work?

This guide is to help you navigate the different elements of the Scholarly Communication world and find out how you can use them to your benefit.

Maintaining your Research Network

I've just published, there is nothing else I need to do.

How many of us have thought that publishing is the final destination for our academic journey?

It is not, we must also establish our identity as a researcher/author and create awareness of our works.

There are two ways to maintain standing in the industry or your chosen field.

1) Focus on establishing your identity as a researcher by developing a researcher persona.

2) Stay up to date with the topics in your industry by ensuring you receive the latest information from your sources.

Using Social Media Professionally

There are many different tools out there that can be leveraged on to increase your social awareness.

1) Social Networking Sites - use these to join professional research groups or to share your thoughts on ongoing conversations.

2) Forums - Some industries may be niche enough to have their own forums or associations. Join these so that you can also be included in the conversations.

3) Research Based Platforms - There are websites that are geared to researchers such as ResearchGate which not only allow you to share your own research, they also aim to foster collaboration by getting users to interact with each other. Additionally, Mendeley and other websites/tools also now have increased social networking features.

Creating Alerts

There are two main ways you can set up alerts on various research sources.

1) Search topic alert - This would enable the database to contact you when new research is published in a search of your choosing. This saves you the effort of having to run searches manually.

2) Publication alert - This would enable research sources to contact you when new issues are published in a journal, for example. 

Where can I go to network?

The avenue you choose to build your network upon would depend on your subject area. 

  • Social Networking groups such as Facebook groups or LinkedIn connections
  • Forum Boards
  • Twitter threads especially during conferences and seminars

For more suggestions on Social Media tools that can help expand your network, look at this list: